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Obituary for Urvin T. Gerald

I want to take the opportunity, on behalf of Urvin’s entire family, to thank all of you for being here today, assembled in this beautiful church on this hot summer day. We’d like to thank everyone who traveled from out of state to be here today and, in general, took the time out of your daily lives to help us celebrate Urvin’s life. It speaks to the impact that Urvin had on everyone.

Today, we are all gathered united by our desire to pay our respects to our friend, father, brother, and son Urvin Tyrone Gerald. Today is a day that we get to say a final thank you to him for enriching our lives. We have all felt an immense grief for the loss of Urvin. It is not about a loss of life but the shock and the way we feel cheated when someone was taken from us so soon. Helping us to move forward is the memories we have of Urvin and the zest for which he approached life.

Urvin, your joy for life was transmitted wherever you went. Your energy was boundless and could not be contained. You used your energy to create beautiful art in your landscaping. You worked hard at what you loved, and you were very proud of everything you did. Urvin recently started a new job and, in true Urvin fashion, had already mapped out a bright future with this company.

There are many things for which Urvin will be remembered, but what we will never forget is his sense of humor and always being the life of the party. He had a great gift of making conversation with people and forming strong and formidable bonds in a short amount of time. Urvin was a kind person and would give you the proverbial shirt off his back unless it was Versace. Those who knew him and ache with his sudden passing knew him to be a great and supportive father to all his children, a devoted son, friend, brother, husband, and stepfather.

Urvin was a visionary; he spoke endlessly about returning to the land of his birth. He talked about wanting to be in the warm weather going to the beaches in Montserrat and living off the land. Urvin would often talk about starting a business with his cousin and bringing his sons onboard to create generational wealth. He talked about building a multi-family home in his spacious backyard to get his piece of the booming real estate pie.

We don’t know for certain how long we have here. We cannot see trials and misfortunes that will test us along the way. What we can do is live each day as Urvin did, with purpose, with love and joy in our hearts. Tell the ones closest to you that care about them, treat others with kindness and respect.

We cry because we loved our brethren Urvin, but we must carry on and know that Urvin is resting now, and he is guided by those he loved and lost. He leaves us behind with his image and the memories we have of him.

Face masks are required for all individuals visiting the funeral home and church, regardless of vaccination status. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.