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Obituary for Kofi Sergeant

Our darling Kofi Sergeant, aged 41, passed away on 11/08/23 after a brief illness.

He left behind a loving mother, Florence, a doting brother Anton and two wonderful sisters, Michelle and Candice.

He is also survived by many Marcano, Sergeant, Shannon, Matieriene, Moraldo, and Belgrave relatives of in-laws, aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews, stepsisters and numerous special friends, whom he loved and who loved him dearly. Of special mention is his dad, John Sergeant, who preceded him in death and who meant everything to him.

Kofi’s lifelong goal was to be a good citizen and he loved to work, especially art and cooking. He loved to play with little children and was very kind and affectionate towards them. They lovingly called him Uncle Kofi.

To those who knew him intimately, he was one of the nicest people to meet as he was always seeing only the better part of another person. Well known as a helper, a friend, a companion, a funny guy whose laughter was contagious, a go- getter and a guy with a warm and caring personality. He always wanted the best for himself and others and will be remembered for his compassion and energy. No task was too much for him if he was helping someone else. He was respectful to others and by his example, he taught mutual respect.

He loved his family immensely and was quick to tell them so. He called his mom every day to say “mommy, I just called to say I love you” and those three words were also the first he would use when talking to his brother and sisters. Kofi also loved his friends deeply and remained faithful to them until his last breath.

We will miss his unique laughter and good looks. Our beloved Kofi spent a lot of time on his clothes, shoes and hair to present a perfect picture. His eyebrows, moustache, beard and the waves in his hair on his head had to look Kofi-perfect. They had to look just right. What a charming young man he was.

Kofi’s life on earth as Kofi Sergeant ended early but he lives on in the bodies of others through donation of organs. So, whilst Kofi’s family has lost our loved one, other families are able to rejoice because Kofi had one final act of love for others.

He was granted this opportunity by Jesus Christ, our Lord, and we, the family of our beloved Kofi Sergeant are comforted that he will live on this earth for many more years though in a different way. We have the hope that those lives touched by Kofi will get to know the love of Jesus as Kofi did. Donations are complete and all recipients are on their way to recovery. Kofi’s heart is now residing in the body of a man in his forties, his liver in the body of a man in his fifties, his left kidney in the body of a woman in her seventies and his right kidney in the body of a man in his sixties. May the good Lord bless and keep them. Dear Jesus, give us hope that we, as sons and daughters of God, despite our circumstances here on earth, can meet and greet in His kingdom. We love our Kofi with profound love and will miss him dearly.

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