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Obituary for Kalya Reene Allen

Kayla Renee Allen was born to Johnny Buthrum and Christina Allen on August 9, 1989 in Boston, MA. She attended Charlestown High School and due to the need of her mother Christina and grandmother Hyacinth Allen, she made it her obligation to stay home to take care of them full-time. Days after school, she along with Kaleya and her cousin Lovette (Lovey) would travel by train to Downtown & Copley. Whether it was to go to the movies, or go shopping, or to just spend the afternoon together before heading back home to Jamaica Plain for the night was always a blast!

Kayla loved being with her family and close friends. She enjoyed family gatherings and parties at her house where she would always get a good laugh and dance to her favorite tunes. She enjoyed all kinds of music R&B, rap, reggae, soca, and gospel. Her favorite R&B singer was Chris Brown but if you knew Kayla when she was a teenager, Lil' Bow Wow was her boo/husband & baby daddy!

As she had approached her early 20's, she began babysitting her nieces, godkids and close baby cousins. She loved them all so much. She also enjoyed cooking for family gatherings,playing card games, playing video games especially Call of Duty with her best friend Moriah Daniels and sister Kaleya. They would always schedule a time to play together. One thing about Kayla, is that she could 'hang'. She was always the last one to fall asleep whereas everyone else, especially her sister Kaleya was the first to call it a night.

Some of the outtings Kayla enjoyed the most were Dave & Buster's, bowling, and shopping at Walmart with her sister and dad, Johnny. Walmart was her number 1 spot! Although Kayla was a tomboy, she also loved online shopping for accessories. Her sister Kaleya would at times have to bring to her attention the massive amount of uneccessary things she would purchase just because she thought they were cute. She would also purchase items to prepare for a Youtube channel she recently started to organize. She planned on doing pranks, and making tutorial vlogs.

Being raised in a Christian family, she always acknowledged God. As a youth, she did attend services with her family, sung in the children's choir and attend Sunday School at Bethel Highway Church of Christ. As an adult, Sundays she would tune into The Faithful And True Witness Apostolic Church Ministries for afternoon worship.

Kayla Renee Allen fell ill to testing positive to the current ravaging Covid-19 virus and suddenly passed on Christmas Day 2021, which is also the birthday of her older cousin Tenica Allen. Tenica will never look at her birthday the same. They were also close and Kayla was always around to bring in her birthday on a good note. She leaves behind her parents Johhny Buthrum & Christina Allen, great grand aunt, Edith Hinds from California, Aunt Annette, Aunt Beverly, her little sister Kaleya, Aunt Alexandra, Aunt Mayfern, Uncle Keith, her best friend Moriah Daniels, her boyfriend Tyree and a whole host of family and friends. A young life taken so soon but never forgotten. May Kayla rest in peace.

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