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Obituary for Eugene Michael "Gene " Barton

Eugene Michael Barton was born October 16, 1945 in Lynn, Massachusetts to beloved parents Melvin and Margaret Barton.

Eugene (a.k.a. Gene) was incredibly intelligent and full of wisdom. He was one of those people who could teach you a little something about some of everything. He was somewhat of a historian, and due to his involvement with the Black Panther Party, his knowledge of our history was in his blood. Late in life, he decided to prove to himself how smart he was, so he went back to school and received his General Education Diploma (GED). He even completed the certification to become a real estate inspector.

Gene was our protector, the warrior of the family. He was a no-nonsense kind of man with no filter. He was not to be played with! There was nothing he wouldn’t do for his family. Although he had his own children, he was also a father figure to many. He had a tremendous amount of love in his heart, and when he loved, he loved hard. One of his famous lines was “who loves you baby?”. You had better answer if you knew what was best for you.

Yes, he loved hard and music was one of the things he loved. Gene was extraordinarily talented. His voice was remarkable. There wasn’t a song that he couldn’t sing – even better than the original song. The memories of him singing and being the life of the party will live in our hearts and minds forever.

Eugene is the cherished father of Kim, Heidi, Monique (Peaches) and Sha-Lu; grandchildren: Prince Sebastian, Dazya, Javan, Rhakym, Michael and Shaniqua; great grand-children: Sebastian, Skye, Jaylen, Michael and Nola Shi. He also leaves to mourn two siblings: Carol and Delisa, and a host of relatives and friends. He is preceded in death by two sons: Troy and James; and nine siblings.

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