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Obituary for Erick Francisco

Erick Francisco was the definition of fun and laughter. Erick always had a joke to tell, and he was always laughing. Erick dedicated a lot of his life being of service in the food industry and catering to his community. Erick also loved holiday celebrations and he really enjoyed good music. Erick would have a big smile from ear to ear as he enjoyed life among family and friends. He also enjoyed taking trips to his home country, Honduras.

We are all so blessed, grateful, and privileged to have had the pleasure of spending time in this life with Erick. He has fulfilled his purpose here on this Earth with us. Let this be a lesson for all of us to find our true passion, destiny, and life purpose. We are all still here because we have a purpose to fulfill. Let us live with kindness and love with one another. Erick is so happy where he is with the ancestors and Creator. He is resting in perfect peace. This may be hard to believe because we are all so sad right now mourning his physical loss. That is okay.

We will mourn his physical loss. We must cry and cry loudly without shame if that is what we need to do. Everyone’s way of mourning will look different. We must let go of any guilt and shame. We will always carry the beautiful and perfect memories with us in our hearts. We will question why this had to happen. We try to make sense of tragedy and loss with our logical minds because it makes us feel safe to make everything make sense. As we look deep within to find our purpose in life, we will learn that all the answers to life’s complex questions are within. We will find that we have an inner strength that we may not know was there. We will celebrate the life of Erick Francisco and honor him in the way that he would want to be remembered. We will miss you Erick; rest in perfect peace.

Masks must be worn and social distancing observed in the funeral home and church.