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Obituary for Doris Mary Noble-Clarke

Doris (Coolie gal) (Dor Dor) Aunt Dor, born 10th July 1934 in parish of Saint James, Burkes Mountain otherwise call Noble Gully to the proud parents of Theophilus Noble and Ireen Hamilton. It was pure joy when this beautiful child was born, she was a beauty of behold and as she grew it was more evident how attractive she was she went to Springfield all age school where she had to walk several miles so and from school because in those days transportation (bus) was a scarce commodity. She was loved by everyone in her district while growing up. Her father love for her was very noticeable and obvious to everyone that her brothers and sisters was saying that he (father) turns more than them no young man could not come near her his cutlass was sharpened and ready to do damage to anyone that cross the border when some people see her coming, they would say a Miss Tea pickney gal that she was the cream of the crop. She never gives any trouble at home or at school she had a warm smile and was very beautiful to look at her hair was jet black and pretty and she knew how to put herself together (dress).

After leaving school and spending a few more years with her with her parents she decided to migrate to Kingston with a family member, her stop was in the three miles area. After a while she made another decision to move on this time to live with one of her sister Roslyn (Dorcas) in a community called Jonestown on Chamberlain Rd. She got a job at a store downtown where she spent many years of dedicated work she was a hard worker coming from the country she knew how to work hard once again she decided to move on this time to launch out on her own so she got a room on Jamaica St. Same place in Jonestown she love and care for her father and mother and brothers and sisters very much so she would regularly sent down boxes with various items on the magic bus to country for them everybody would be very excited because they knew that something would be there for each and every one when school was closed t for August. Things was even better mom was very kind to others as well she was a very quiet person. and She loved to laugh keeping the place Immaculate love to cook Stew peas and rice on Wednesdays umm we loved it chicken was finger licking this was better than KFC liver and green banana and flour dumplings for breakfast on a Sunday morning or ackee selfish and fried dumplings tripe and beans and white rice escovitch fish and bammy , mackerel or saltfish and rundown these meal were great Mom should have opened a restaurant and when it comes to soursop juice the carrot and beats, sorrel just to name a few mom was good at it in Jamaica would say she a bad man. while living in Jamaican Street. While living in Stony Hill Dorant and Melissa taken care Mama until she migrates to the USA. Dorant is her oldest son.

Mom had three beautiful children Danny, Sonia, and Rose by this time one of her sisters come to live there too Muriel along with the rest of tenants living in the yard we were like one family after years living here it was moving time again John St. Benbow St. Tadmore after a while Jonestown seems like our place of destiny until the lord change things mom got a piece of land to lease in Golden spring ten mile after many years. After many there it was moving time again by this time Danny, Sonia and Rose migrated to the USA. She got a piece of land to lease again in Stony Hill after years living there, she too migrates to USA.

Doris migrated to Boston, Massachusetts on 09/16/2004 from Stony Hill Saint Andrews Jamaica. She since stayed with Rose, her children and great grandson. Once she was there, she enjoyed spending time with family. Even though it was hard for her to leave her other children behind in Jamaica she knew it was for the best.

Doris enjoyed doing word puzzles, watching wheel of fortune, Jeopardy, price is right and family feud. Sometimes she loves to sit on the porch to catch some fresh breeze. Doris was an astonishing matriarch. Really, she was the imperial leader in our family. She baked and cooked and babysat her grandchildren. She was always present, part of our everyday lives in such a concrete way. Her personality who drew people in with her warm soul. She can always see the good ln people even when you don’t. see it. even if you are having a bad day coming home to her would just melt your heart with her warm embrace.

Doris cared more than most, loved more than most. Yet you never hear her complaint or be bitter. She is the type of person that would give you everything off her back and do without this is the only way she knew how to live. God has blessed her a longevity of life and she praised him until the day she passed on, She was always thankful and always asked him to bless and watch over her family. For as long as we can remember Doris always shared the importance of faith.

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